Olympus Has Fallen

In the action genre, there’s a subgenre dedicated to politically-themed disasters. Just in case the White House hasn’t been blown up enough by Hollywood, two more films this year involve terrorists taking the building over. While the bigger-budget White House Down comes out later this year, this week sees Olympus Has Fallen hitting screens nationwide. As films of this genre are wont to do, there’s a lot of mindless action, but the film is saved by a solid half-hour takeover scene for conquering the White House, as well as a largely believable cast to sell the film. Fortunately, after a series of dreadful romantic comedies, Gerard Butler returns to the action genre here, where he belongs. Morgan Freeman brings his usual gravitas as the Speaker of the House. And let’s just say that Aaron Eckhart’s President Benjamin Asher may be the sexiest fictional president ever. Good lord.

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