2 Guns

Bobby (Denzel Washington) and Stig (Mark Wahlberg) are two criminals working for a drug cartel. They’re also undercover agents for different agencies, unaware of each other’s status. When the two hold up a bank, they inadvertently stumble into a precarious situation involving the DEA, NCIS, CIA and a drug cartel, all of which are out to find the two. There are so many double- and triple-crosses going on here, my head’s still spinning from it all. Fortunately, the casting of Washington and Wahlberg here makes the film work for large stretches. Forget believability – the charisma from the two leads smoothes over any roughness in the film. Unfortunately, when the two aren’t together – and that happens for a solid stretch of the film – the aforementioned double- and triple-crossing comes back to the foreground, which just bogs the film down. The film works because of the casting, but there’s potential here for so much more.

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