Side Effects

Hitting theaters this week is Steven Soderbergh’s final theatrical release before retirement, Side Effects. Starring Rooney Mara and Jude Law, Side Effects follows Emily Taylor (Mara) as she deals with her life following husband Martin’s (Channing Tatum) release from prison. With the help of Dr. Jonathan Banks (Law), Emily is able to find a pharmaceutical approach that keeps her calm…aside from some unexpected side effects from her experimental drug. After Emily commits a horrific crime, Dr. Banks finds himself at the center of controversy as his credibility is questioned.

If this is truly Soderbergh’s last theatrical film, he’s going out with a bang. Armed with a remarkable cast that also includes Catherine Zeta-Jones, Soderbergh tells a tale that plays like a modern update of an 80s suspense film. The plot occasionally strains credibility, but only slightly. The twists and turns in the film, though, make this far from predictable. In all, though, this is a well-crafted, well-acted film that will leave audiences hooked.

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