Review Format

Reviews published prior to January 2015 followed a format along these lines. Some of these reviews may have been reformatted to conform to current review layouts.


How is the studio pitching the film? That’s what the summary offers. Sometimes, studios give very brief, vague descriptions of what to expect. Other times, they’ll give away more descriptive outlines. In any case, this is what the reviewer uses when approaching any film, and it’s provided to set up a similar state of mind before reading the review.

My Opinion

This one’s obvious. The reviewer’s thoughts about the film, which can touch on plot, acting, direction, themes, or other topics.

Q&A Notes

This section only appears for certain reviews: films with subject matter that may be of some significance to LGBT audiences, whether positive or negative (Q) and/or films with some connection to Atlanta, whether set in or filmed in the Atlanta area (A).


Again, obvious. The trailer chosen is usually the first main trailer, unless a teaser trailer or later trailer is mentioned in the review.


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