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In Ouija, a group of friends must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

My Opinion

Product placements have existed in films for years and years now. We even have films made specifically to promote products already in existence. Sometimes, they can be surprisingly great, like this year’s The LEGO Movie. Other times, they can be godawful, like the Transformers franchise. But I have never seen a film that’s ostensibly product placement that seems made to encourage people not to buy a product.

That is, until I saw Ouija, produced in part by Hasbro, makers of the Ouija board that’s sold in toy stores.

The basic plot: a girl, and eventually her friends, use a Ouija board and end up making contact with an evil spirit who starts knocking them off, one by one.

There’s not much else to the film, really. It’s part of Jason Blum’s line of microbudgeted horror films, so the cast is full of actors dying for a part on a CW show. With that PG-13 rating and the abbreviated running time, the film relies on cheap shocks and the stereotypical “do the thing that you know you shouldn’t do” choices most victims in horror films make in order to pull a reaction from the audience.

While I’m sure this will appeal to a wide enough (and young) audience, I’m dreading the thought that this might do well enough to warrant a sequel, because that’s the last thing we need. Well, that and a Ouija board, from what Hasbro’s telling us here. Save your money, and find a horror film that produces better scares.


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