The Raid 2

Rookie cop Rama finds himself pulled into an undercover operation in the criminal underworld of Jakarta.

My Thoughts: Do you enjoy films with intense, violent fight scenes? If so, The Raid 2 is for you. In fact, The Raid 2 may be your favorite film of 2014. If it’s not the most violent film released this year, it’s not for a lack of trying. That violence, for the record, is the only reason to watch this film if you’re a fan of it on-screen. Otherwise, you may want to avoid this film. The plot of the film, as threadbare as it is, frequently gets lost in the ensuing fight scenes. Do keep an eye out for the actor who plays Uco, Arifin Putra. He has a remarkable amount of charisma, he’s attractive, and he’s fluent in English. He could easily be a crossover star from this film.

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