The lives of teenage siblings Tim and Kaylie were altered when Tim was convicted of the murder of their parents. Years later, Tim is released from prison and wants to move on with his life, but Kaylie is convinced her parents’ deaths were caused by a malevolent supernatural force.

My Thoughts: It takes so much these days to craft a film that feels uniquely frightening without seeming like a ripoff of other films in the horror genre. While it isn’t perfect, Oculus succeeds in feeling fresh enough thanks to a feeling of dread that permeates the film. The film takes place in two timelines, and as the film progresses, the two begin to cross over enough where it’s easy to get lost in what’s going on – and what’s real. It helps that Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites give wholly believable performances as the adult Tim and Kaylie, who have two very different reactions to the supernatural storm going on around them.

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