Studio-Provided Plot Summary: Set in an Australian seaside town of otherworldly beauty and shot in lush 35mm Cinemascope, Adore establishes an aura of fable as it follows two women’s plunge into uncharted waters. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright fearlessly engage with both the physical and psychological components of the story, capturing the complex emotions and powerful desires driving their characters. Strong performances from relative newcomers Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom) complement Watts and Wright’s and add another layer of intricacy to the story. Under the precise gaze of Fontaine’s camera, Adore radiates with intoxicating sensuality while exploring the intricacies of love, family, morality and passion.

My Thoughts: There’s one word, in one voice, that kept popping into my head while watching Adore:

Yeah. Thanks, South Park.

There are a lot of things to like about Adore. The four core actors here are all exceptional in their performances. The setting is absolutely gorgeous, as are the male leads. There are even points where the relationships that develop feel almost okay. Emphasis on almost, though. Even though the relationships here are not incestuous, they’re so close to it that there’s an undeniable “ick” factor that floats over the entire film. Look, as a guy who likes guys, I can’t say that I blame Lil (Watts) and Roz (Wright) as they begin having sexual relationships with each others’ sons. The sons are hot. But these are two women who have grown up with each other, and whose sons have done the same thing. Even though the short story the film is based on, “The Grandmothers,” outdates it, the plot reminds me of The Lonely Island’s “Motherlover,” except it’s not played for laughs here. There’s enough that works about Adore for me to recommend it, but I have to give a warning about the awkwardness that permeates the entire film.

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