Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, he also stars in the latest animated film from DreamWorks. While the studio has produced some great films, Turbo is firmly average. The film follows Turbo, a snail who’s obsessed with racing. One day, Turbo finds himself in a race car, immersed in nitrous oxide and suddenly able to move at breakneck speeds. Thanks to his discovery by Tito, who’s looking for a crazy idea to draw customers to the taco stand he shares with his brother, Turbo finds himself racing against his idol in the Indy 500. Outlandish? Sure, but it’s a kids movie, so go with it. Unfortunately, Turbo arrives mere weeks after the superior Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 have both dominated the box office. Monsters University had Pixar’s trademark heart and a story that aimed for children and adults. Despicable Me 2, meanwhile, had the bonkers comedy and the irresistible Minions. Personally, I’d rather watch either of those films again before rewatching Turbo.

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