Girl Most Likely

Oh, Kristen Wiig. This is how you follow up BridesmaidsGirl Most Likely is a convoluted mess of a film. It’s all over the place tonally, with performances from a talented cast that all seem to be searching for something – anything – to grab onto for stability. Wiig does her best here as Imogene, but this feels like a more depressing version of Bridesmaids‘ Annie. Vets Annette Bening and Matt Dillon are largely phoning in their performances, a shame considering the amount of talent both normally show. The film’s few solid (hell, strong) moments are those that pair Wiig up with Glee‘s Darren Criss, playing a 20-something boarder in Imogene’s mother’s house who develops a romantic relationship with Imogene. Still, a handful of scenes do not make for a film worth watching again. If anything, this may be worth a viewing on Netflix whenever it inevitably ends up there.

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