Grown Ups 2

The critical reception was so low for Grown Ups back in 2010 (currently 9% on Rotten Tomatoes), you would think that Grown Ups 2 would have nowhere to go but up. You’d be wrong. In the film’s opening scene, Lenny (Adam Sandler) wakes up to find a deer in his bedroom. Once the deer is agitated by wife Roxie’s (Salma Hayek) screams, the agitated deer starts urinating all over the place. It’s hard to read this as anything but a representation of what Adam Sandler & Friends are doing to their audience throughout the film’s running time. Grown Ups 2 is nothing more than a piss-poor (literally) excuse for this particular group of actors to collect a paycheck for a bare minimum of work. The scary thought: if this film does nearly as well as the previous one, we’ll be on our way to Grown Ups 3.

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