This Is the End

In all honesty, I had no expectation that This Is the End would be any good. A slew of actors playing versions of themselves around an apocalyptic storyline? This sounds like a potential disaster. Instead, This Is the End is one of the flat-out funniest films of the summer. The plot in a nutshell: Jay Baruchel comes to L.A. to visit best friend Seth Rogen. Seth ends up dragging Jay to a party at James Franco’s house; while they’re there, all hell breaks loose. What makes the film work are two things: (1) every actor in this film is willing to send up their image in some way, and (2) the film is incredibly raunchy—I don’t think I’ve seen this much male genitalia in a mainstream film in quite some time. The film isn’t for everybody, certainly, but if crass stoner humor is your thing, this may be the funniest film you see this summer.

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