Stand Up Guys

Stand Up Guys stars Al Pacino as Val, fresh out of 28 years in prison for refusing to give up one of his fellow criminal associates. He’s picked up by best friend Doc (Christopher Walken), who’s under strict orders from his old mob boss to dispose of Val by the next morning. As Val and Doc attempt to have as much fun as possible that night, including teaming up with another friend named Hirsch (Alan Arkin), the two think about ways to escape or confront their pasts.

I hesitate to call Stand Up Guys a great film. The plot focuses far too much on ideas relating to “old men trying new things” to completely work. If nothing else, though, watching three acting veterans of Pacino, Walken and Arkin’s collective talents make their way through a film is certainly an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours. They’re joined by some effective supporting appearances, most notably Julianna Margulies as an ER nurse and Hirsch’s daughter. In the end, though, the acting of the three top-billed stars is more than enough to turn Stand Up Guys into an enjoyable experience.

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