Life of Pi

Based on the book of the same name, Life of Pi tells the story of young Pi, an Indian boy with limitless curiosity who is raised in a small family-owned zoo. When the zoo goes broke, Pi’s father places the family and animals on a Canadian-bound ship. While at sea, the ship drowns in the midst of a storm, leaving Pi on a lifeboat with a few of the animals, including a tiger named Richard Parker. Over the better part of a year, Pi and Richard Parker learn to live together in the middle of the ocean. From a visual perspective, Life of Pi is one of the most stunning films released this year. Its use of 3D is particularly remarkable. It rivals Avatar and Prometheus in its use of the medium to actually tell a story. The story itself is more of a tossup. A heavy reliance on religion and faith walks a fine line between emotionally riveting and schmaltzy.

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